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AbbVie re-ramps Humira TV spending to run away with September’s No. 1 spot

Posted on October 11th, 2016 by Valorem Life Sciences

As the FDA worked up to its approval of the first Humira biosimilar last month, AbbVie put the pedal to the floor on Humira TV ad spending. AbbVie spent $32.3 million in the month of September, marketing Humira across three indications, according to data from real-time TV ad tracker That’s $11 million more than the next most-promoted product on TV for the month, Pfizer’s Lyrica, on which the pharma giant doled out $21.4 million.

Many had anticipated that the FDA would pass through Amgen’s Humira biosimilar, Amjevita, following a unanimous FDA panel recommendation in June. However, AbbVie is far from conceding the market. It has sued Amgen for patent infringement, and as the lawsuit wends its way through the courts, AbbVie has asked to have the Amgen biosimilar blocked from the market until the case is settled.

Back on the list this month, in the No. 3 and 4 spending spots, were J&J’s Invokana and Sunovion Pharmaceutical’s Latuda. Latuda rejoined the list with a new creative centered on a woman (actress portrayal) who continues to press the Latuda message that differentiates it from other depression treatments, as specifically a treatment for bipolar depression.

New to the list this month is Shire’s Eyelove disease awareness campaign for chronic dry eye, which comes two months after the FDA approved its branded dry eye treatment Xiidra. Popular actress Jennifer Aniston stars in the most frequently run TV ad among three in the awareness campaign. Two other women talk about similar symptoms in other ads.

Also rejoining the top 10 list for September at No. 5 was Eli Lilly’s erectile dysfunction treatment Cialis, on which the Indianapolis drugmaker spent $11.8 million for the month. Chief competitor Pfizer’s Viagra was not far behind at No. 9 and $10.1 million in spending for the month. Viagra’s TV ads focused on its new, convenient, single-pack travel packaging, while Lilly promoted new creative around Cialis’ daily use. The creative brought back a real couple in adjoining bathtubs holding hands as one of Lilly’s happy couple shots.

Source: Fierce Pharma