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NICE backs Roche’s Perjeta, but bars Kadcyla

Posted on January 3rd, 2017 by Valorem Life Sciences

Patients with certain forms of breast cancer should be able to get routine NHS access to Roche’s Perjeta in England and Wales in the next three months following a recent final nod from cost regulators.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has published final guidance endorsing the use of Perjeta (pertuzumab), in combination with trastuzumab and chemotherapy, as an option for the neoadjuvant treatment of adults with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)‑positive breast cancer; that is, in patients with HER2-positive, locally advanced, inflammatory or early-stage breast cancer at high risk of recurrence.

However, the recommendation only stands as long as Roche provides the drug with the discount agreed in the patient access scheme.

The decision marks a turnaround from draft guidelines published back in May, which rejected Perjeta because of uncertainties with the economic data presented and over the drug’s long-term benefit, largely because of limited trial evidence.

Roche subsequently offered a confidential price discount on Perjeta to increase its cost-effective for the NHS, even when taking the uncertainties highlighted by the committee into account.

Around 1,400 people in England and Wales will be eligible for treatment with Perjeta annually, but patients in Scotland will be unable to access the drug via the NHS after the Scottish Medicines Consortium said mid December it would not endorse its use because of concerns over the evidence around the long term survival benefits of the medicine.

At the time, Richard Erwin, general manager of Roche UK, called the decision “a devastating blow to women in Scotland with this very aggressive form of breast cancer”.

In a further blow to UK breast cancer patients, guidance on the use of the firm’s Kadcyla (trastuzumab-emtansine) ruled that the drug is too costly for routine use on the NHS in England and Wales.

Kadcyla is intended to treat HER2-positive breast cancer which has spread to other parts of the body that cannot be surgically removed and has stopped responding to initial treatment, but it costs around £90,000 per patient at its full list price.

Source: Pharma Times

Sanofi, MSD successfully terminate vaccines JV

Posted on January 3rd, 2017 by Valorem Life Sciences

Sanofi Pasteur and MSD have now completed the takedown of their vaccines joint venture Sanofi Pasteur MSD, ending a collaboration that has spanned more than two decades.

The move, announced in March last year, was spurred by the desire of each firm to pursue their own “distinct growth strategies” in the field.

Since its birth in 1994 Sanofi Pasteur MSD launched a number of vaccines onto the European market such as cervical cancer jab Gardasil and shingles vaccine Zostavax, and pulled in sales of some 824 million euros in 2015.

Both partners have now integrated their respective European vaccine businesses back into their operations, enabling them to independently manage their own product portfolios.

Source: Pharma Times